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Providing professional, result-driven music video production services for the many diverse artists & bands of Greenville, SC and the surrounding Upstate.

The process

As one of the fastest-growing music video production companies in Greenville, here at Crosshair Video Productions we work effortlessly to keep our video production standards high. We spend time listening to your song, and listening to you: Establishing, defining, and understanding exactly what our music artists’ brand image and vision are, and what it means to them and their listeners before producing any video. 

From there we create what’s known as a “Treatment” or an outline of the video, putting the vision into words on paper, and defining what exactly is going to happen with the visuals at what points in the song so that everyone involved with the production can be on the same page from the start.

We then use that Treatment to inform our pre-production phase: Securing location, designing and building sets, putting wardrobe together; everything that we need to do to ensure a smooth production day.

When it comes time to shoot, bringing the right energy to the set is paramount. Being well prepared makes it a generally stress free time for everyone involved, and having good energy throughout the whole shoot makes the experience fun for everyone from artist to crew, and it especially shines in the final product.

Finally, we get to post-produce (edit) your project. Cut, color enhancement, and sometimes we get to add some really cool effects (we like that.) We always deliver projects in high quality 4k resolution, and even offer alternate cuts utilizing different parts of the song and different aspect ratios for social media promotion.

getting started with music videos

Since the beginning, Music Videography has always been a huge source of creative passion & pride for Crosshair Video Production. We first started photographing & filming rock and metal bands back in Jacksonville and the North-Florida area. Since then, we've worked with a variety of talented artists across the southeast to create captivating productions that clearly display the core essences of their diverse music. Now based in The Upstate, and still serving the entirety of the southeast, these types of music clients and projects are our bread & butter.

Serving the upstate

Crosshair provides in-depth music video production services, recorded on high quality camera & video equipment, for a variety of talented artists and bands in Greenville and across South Carolina. With more people looking for new music to listen to online than ever before, it’s more important than ever to have video content readily available for music-lovers everywhere so your band or label can get discovered, shared, developed & produced correctly -organically.

As Greenville’s aspiring premier music video production company, we serve almost every genre in the music industry. With our personal backgrounds, intense love, passion and extensive experience in video and audio production, music always has been, still is and always will be a passion that we share with our clients in the business, and all the artists we encounter and get the pleasure of working with, who continually pour their soul into their art.

We’re working on creating more viral music videos with minimal marketing budgets, purely recording the concepts, music and visuals that captivate and intrigue their viewers.

Our music video production services vary in scope and can range from concept and treatment development, to pre-production, casting, crew & staffing, location & venue management, production design, set building & setup, hair, makeup, wardrobe, directing, and finally post-production (or as normal people call it, editing.) In addition to working with local music artists, we are always thrilled to work with national artists from all around the country. We also love to collaborate with other video production companies and Greenville music video editors and directors.

In conclusion

Regardless of your situation, Crosshair Video will take care of you. We treat our clients like family, working with like-minded artists, creatives and professional musicians who showcase their unique style and sound with every track. Music Videos are complex projects that require high levels of dedication, collaboration, communication and trust as well as professional skills like project management. 

At Crosshair Video, we fine-tune our music videos for top quality. Not only do we produce and film stunning music videos for affordable prices, we also provide a variety of complimentary services such as behind-the-scenes coverage, live concert filming, promotional music videos for online advertising and social media, and artist TV commercials.

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