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Providing professional, result-driven drone videography & production services for the many diverse businesses of Greenville, SC and the surrounding Upstate.

The process

We make getting unique aerial perspectives EASY for our clients. Whether you need simple, clean drone shots to show off your real estate listing or business, or you want a more creative perspective for a larger production, we get the shots in under an hour, and can often deliver the edit as early as the next business day.

As one of the fastest-growing drone video production companies in The Upstate, we work effortlessly to keep our video production standards high. We spend time establishing, defining and understanding exactly what our clients’ needs are, as well as their brand and image, before producing any video.  We’re working on creating more stunning drone videos to help bolster marketing campaigns.

Droning Around greenville & Asheville

Crosshair provides fast and easy drone pilot services, recorded on high quality 4k DJI drones, for a variety of businesses and productions in The Upstate, and across the entire southeast. With more people interacting with content online than ever before, it’s more important than ever to have unique video content readily available for potential customers everywhere so your brand or business can get discovered and shared correctly.

As Greenville’s aspiring premier drone video production company, we serve almost every kind of business in The Upstate. With our personal backgrounds, intense love, passion and extensive experience in flight, drones have always has been, still is and always will be a passion that we share with our clients in the business, and all the artists we encounter and get the pleasure of working with, who continually pour their soul into their art.

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Meet our drone pilot

Our Drone Pilot, Michael Leach, has always been searching for unique perspectives to tell stories for Crosshair Video Production. This is what led him to getting his first drone several years ago. Since then, he's fallen in love with flight, and all the unique possibilities of the aerial perspective. Michael is proud to now be an FAA Certified Drone Pilot, meaning that we can now offer these high-level shots to our clients in The Upstate.

In conclusion

Regardless of your situation and business needs, Crosshair Video will take care of you. We treat our clients like family, working with like-minded businesses and brands to show their unique offerings and missions with every project. While we make them easy, drone flights are a serious business that requires high levels of dedication, collaboration, communication, as well as a certification from the FAA in order to fly commercially. At Crosshair Video, we fine-tune our drone videos for top quality. Not only do we produce and film stunning drone videos for affordable prices, we also provide a variety of complimentary services such as different formats of the final video for online advertising and the various social media platforms.

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