Our Story

How’d we get started?

Before there was Crosshair, there were some kids in a metal band that wanted to make some content to get the word out. I got my hands on a camera and never put it down.

From the living room, I started taking pictures of our friend’s bands at shows, then promos, then music videos. It didn’t take long to realize how valuable content is for businesses as well.

Before I knew it, video production was filling up my schedule. It only made sense to take it full time and turn it into a real business.

A few years later, we are proud to exclusively serve local businesses and artists in producing stunning videos AND helping them leverage those in order to grow their audiences and customer bases.

Meet the team

Artist first, business person second. Michael has always been the guy with a vision and the will to bring it to life.

Director of Photography

Roman was a friend and collaborator well before I picked up a camera. It only made sense to bring him along for the ride.

Assistant Camera